Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Perform Post 13

Hello everyone! 

So it's been two weeks since I last updated (partly because of finals and partly because of choir). I am very excited to share that I got another response!! This one is from Jennifer Noth at Mamma Mia! Here is what she said:

And there it is folks! I haven't been able to write any more letters, and I might be not be doing any this week either because I'm about to be really busy with choir. However, I'll try as hard as I can! 

Thanks for being patient with me, and thanks for reading!



Miss Krueger said...

Hi Alexandra,

My name is Danielle and I'm a grad student at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT. I'm a middle school math teacher in a little town in CT and I'm currently working towards my master's degree in education with a focus in educational technology. I'm taking a course that is focusing on blogging and I'll be following and commenting on your blog this semester. Your project sounds awesome! I love Broadway and theater in general. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and sang in choir all through middle school and high school. It is so cool that you have heard back from some shows! Do you have a favorite show that is on Broadway now? Can't wait to keep reading your blog and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some more responses!

AlexandraN said...

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the support :) My favorite show on Broadway right now is Newsies, which I will get the opportunity to see in April!

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