Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project Perform Post 14

Hello everyone!! 

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been super busy with show choir! Anyway, I wanted to share another response I got:

I promise I will start writing more letters as soon as I get the chance!!

Thanks for your patience!



Danielle Krueger said...

Hi Alexandra! How exciting that you got another response! It must be so thrilling when you get each response; I know I was excited for you when I opened your blog and saw the new response! How did you come up with the questions that you are putting in each letter?

AlexandraN said...

Well, I send the same questions in every letter, but I tried to ask questions that help me in the long run. Since musical theatre is something that I plan to continue professionally, I asked questions that reflect on what I might not know as much about. That way I get direct and useful information from people who are currently doing what I hope to later do.

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