Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Perform Post 20

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to share that I have officially finished writing all of my letters! I'm very excited about it. So let me just recap my project for you:

185 is the number of days it's been since my first blog post
20 is the number of blog posts I've written
19 is the number of shows I have written letters to
4 is the number of responses I've received

I'm so happy with the progress of this project. Sure, I would've loved to received more responses but I'm just glad I got any at all.

Since I've finished all of my letters, I guess you're wondering what's left for me to blog about. Well, I don't think I've mentioned this, but my teacher got my school approved to host a TEDx event. If you don't know what TEDx is, it's an event where people speak about events/projects they've done and what they've learned from them. So at the end of the year, when we all have to present our projects for a grade, 15 (I think) students are going to get chosen to speak at the TEDx event, which is super cool. I really really want to speak at it, and I've already started working on my speech.

Also, I've been thinking about how much support I've gotten for this project. I have over 700 pageviews and 11 comments (which probably doesn't sound like a lot, but still!) and I'm so grateful that other people besides me find my project interesting. I talk a lot about how much I love theatre and how I want to pursue it, but I realized that none of you have ever heard me sing. So, I thought I'd share this video with you.

Here's me singing Once More I Can See from Wonderland, which I sang at our fall concert for choir and in Europe. Please excuse the hair, it's for choir *cringe*

Thanks for reading!



Ms. Holst said...

Alexandra, I am an 8th grade teacher in Colorado. I was interested in learning about a 20% project, and the title of your blog caught my eye. Great job of sharing your thoughts, and your singing is wonderful.
Ms. Holst

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